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Aquatic Vegetation Control, Inc. (AVC), an innovative leader in the waterways and land management industry, is a Florida corporation founded in 1986 primarily as an aquatic and roadside vegetation management company. The company was based on three fundamental principles: quality, value, and responsible stewardship. Since its incorporation, AVC’s scope of services has expanded to include invasive plant control, forestry and right-of-way applications, utility and industrial applications, mitigation planting and maintenance, hydro-ecological restoration, wholesale native nursery, a weed science research station, and an all-terrain, amphibious vehicle dealership.

The fundamental principles of quality work and client relations, value added services for all clients, and the responsible care of aquatic and terrestrial systems under our stewardship are the driving influences that have made AVC a leader providing vegetation management solutions throughout the Southeast U.S. In addition to these core values, the company is also committed to increasing the quality of the communities in which we conduct business. This is accomplished through involvement in many civic organizations as well as providing volunteer support for community and environmental events.

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The professionals at AVC are proud to be among those supporting the management of natural resources in the Southeast U.S., be it upland or wetland, freshwater or estuarine, for both the private and public sectors. We support each client by providing a competent staff of professionals capable of providing innovative, cost effective management and reporting programs while functioning as an extension of the clients staff in all aspects of a project. In short, AVC’s use of experienced professionals, dependable equipment, extensive knowledge of herbicides and best management practices, practical experience gained from a variety of projects, a safety driven culture, and current positive working relationships with State and local regulatory agencies are just a few of the qualifications that make AVC the optimal choice for providing such services.

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