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SHERP — a unique design for emergency tasks

Sherp Front QuarterWe are offering an all-terrain vehicle that leaves all existing analogs behind. Some all-terrain vehicles can get bogged down in a swamp; others fail to overcome a boulder or a fallen tree. Still, others get blocked by a river. Not SHERP, though. These all-terrain vehicles easily cope with the most difficult challenges!

If your job requires overcoming difficult terrain, if you like hunting, fishing or camping far away from populated areas and closer to the wild, or if you dream of places where human never set his foot, then our offer is for you.

When we were just beginning to develop the SHERP, we faced with the issue of creating a record-setting car instead of offering "just another all-terrain vehicle". A car, that would be ready to conquer any terrain and surface, able to get out of the water right on the ice, climb up a 1-meter high step and maintain its position at critical inclinations of the body. In other words, we needed an "all-terrain vehicle without reservations".

Now it has not only become reality but also launched into mass production. Years of testing, hundreds of kilometers of complicated routes and thousands of hours spent testing the strength of each part were not in vain – both domestic and Western experts (core journalists, hunters, fishermen, geologists, and adrenaline junkies) provided purely enthusiastic reviews of SHERP. The ambitious task set by the developers was realized to the fullest.

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We have listed just some of the advantages of our machines. After even a quick look at the SHERP, specialists would always note the following qualities:

• Compactness
• Easy Operation
• High Manoeuvrability
• Ergonomic Design

In fact, every node, every part of all-terrain vehicles of the SHERP brand is a multifunctional tool designed for the brilliant solution of a wide range of tasks. What’s important: you may be sure that this tool will be reliable and ready to work in extreme conditions. It is with the goal of increasing the overall performance of the all-terrain quality of the vehicle that it uses a minimum of electronic components and devices. The driver has at his / her disposal a device for measuring the coolant temperature, a fuel level meter, a tachometer, a voltmeter and an hour meter, which is needed to inform the driver about the need for routine maintenance.

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