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Sherp Front QuarterSHERP — a unique design for emergency tasks

SHERP features are impressive:

• it drives on all types of surface: snow, stony soil, sand, ice, swamp and water.
• it is able to easily get out of water onto the ice.
• it carries a weight up to 1 ton and moves in the water with it aboard.
• it is economical as consumes 2 to 3 l per hour.
• it will move even when its cabin is critically tilted and fuel starvation will never affect its engine.
• its slope-climbing ability reaches 35 °.
• it overcomes nearly any kind of obstacles such as stones, fallen wood, and climbs for 1 meter high!
Kubota• its endurance is unprecedented: you can put fuel cans of 58 l each into the wheel center members. 4 cans will provide you 232 l fuel extra.
• it is immensely floatable due to 800 l tires and hermetic body. Self-inflating tires are critically essential when moving by water.
• Kubota engine (Japan) is well-known and fail-safe. This engine proved its reliability during challenging tests, that’s why this choice was an advantageous design of SHERP creators. Kubota V1505-T-E3B is a four-cylinder turbo diesel of 1.5 l capacity and 44 horsepower. These values are enough to overcome the utmost challenging terrains.
• Webasto will heat the ATV in a moment. You can heat it with a vehicle heater, Webasto, or engine.
• Flat bottom enhances off-road performance.
• Kingston valves make it possible to quickly drain out water from the body in case it got inside; got inside.
• Pneumocirculating suspension.
• Tires of extralow pressure enable to easily adjust pressure level in tires for different types of soils (all pressure level figures are indicated in the plate on the ATV body).
• The main part of the structure is a frame to strengthen body ruggedness.
• A space under bottom of 170 l cargo volume for necessary things and equipment storage. There you can keep whatever you need - your food, tools, clothes, or fuel cans.
• extra sleeping places (if you slept once in an ATV you for sure recollect your immediate desire to come back home to your comfortable and wide bed). SHERP PRO will provide well-arranged slipping places for four people.
• Unique tires of this ATV. You notice them at first sight. They are tubeless, but self-inflating. Just switch on the engine and adjust pressure level up to the desired one.
• Rear-view camera is a very successful solution to provide the best vision and safe drive in reverse.
• operation safety due to construction design without sophisticated electronic devices.
• skid steering. Cars (and most of all-terrain vehicles), turn by wheels. But SHERP is like a tank. And steering is made like a steering in a tank: to move straight ahead you push levers straight ahead, to turn right the right lever is pulled, to turn left pull the left lever.

A tank on wheels that is the right word for it.



• light aluminum body enhances its off – road features. Moreover, it is corrosion resisted, and has a longer lifetime than ferric or steel ones.
• Galvanized frame ensures corrosion resistance.
• one unit body comprises passenger and driver cabin providing the enlarged effective space.
• a fan cools the engine compartment preventing hot air to get to the passenger cabin. Such fan is not used in winter time but in summer it is an ultimate device.
• extra thermal and noise insulation due to CORDURA body fabric with MOLLE system.
• wheel ribs are hot galvanized to prolong lifetime and provide corrosion resistance.
• wide side and rear windows provide perfect visibility. An upper hatch is perfect for video- and snap shooting, for ventilation or just for sightseeing.

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